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What is
Learning Aid Ohio?

Learning Aid Ohio provides students learning on IEPs and 504 Plans funding for in-person, supplemental learning support.


Our goal is to connect families with Learning Providers to help students stay on track toward their academic goals, specific to their individual needs, and based on the curriculum their traditional teachers set.


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How does it work for families?

Learning Aid Ohio aims to connect students learning on IEPs or 504 Plans with experienced learning providers to provide in-person, supplemental support. Once approved, families are able to browse available learning providers in their area, and connect with someone who would be a good fit. After conducting an introductory interview, families are then able to use their Learning Aid Ohio grant to book tutoring sessions with their preferred learning provider.


To qualify, students must be learning on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan, and be an Ohio resident, and experiencing a financial hardship. To apply, please visit the “For Families” tab.

How does it work for learning providers?

Learning Aid Ohio has been a wonderful opportunity for educators, tutors, therapists, and college students to get involved in their community and help students who are in need of support. There is such a need for one-on-one learning support. Our learning providers find so much joy and fulfillment working with students on their educational goals, actively engaging in learning, and building self-confidence.


Learning Providers set their own hours and rate of pay (based on level of education and experience). All Learning Providers must provide either a BCI Background Check or a current ODE license to apply. Once approved, Learning Providers will create a schedule and bio, and will be added to the site for families to browse and book. To apply, please visit the “For Learning Providers" tab.

Brief history

Learning  Aid  Ohio  is  a  program  created  to  support  students  with disabilities  by providing  access  to  meaningful  learning  opportunities  in  response  to  the  remote  learning during  the  COVID-19  Pandemic.  Originally  created  for  the  2020-2021  school  year,  we  have now  been  able  to  extend  through  June 2024.


To date, Learning Aid Ohio has served


students served


counties in Ohio


million paid services delivered

What families say

“Mrs. Amy T. was wonderful. She was smiling, upbeat and ready for our son every session. Mrs. T made sure to cater each learning activity to his likes & needs; For example, my son is obsessed with light bulbs and numbers, so she made sure to use those themes to help him stay interested & it worked! The material she sent home he is STILL playing with and learning from every day. My son cannot express his feelings with words, but I know for a fact that if he could -- he would tell me how much he loves Mrs. Amy T. We are so grateful.”

“My daughter’s tutor, Kathy C., was instrumental in not only helping her achieve academic growth but emotional support during a pandemic. She provided tips for organizational success and learning support. Their bond strengthened throughout the year. Kathy immediately recognized my daughter’s needs for a positive learning environment. She looked forward to their time together each week and was excited each learning session which warmed our hearts to see. Our family is so grateful for Kathy’s dedication encouraging our daughter to be the best she can be.”

“My foster son has struggled with many things in the academic world. Coming to me in January at age 7, he didn’t know the alphabet, couldn’t count to 10, and couldn’t spell his name. As a teacher, I’ve worried every day about how to help him. Learning Aid Ohio gave us the opportunity that he truly needed. With the funds, we were able to hire an excellent tutor who has devoted her time and energy to helping him grow. After about a month of services, he quickly learned the alphabet through interactive stories and has begun to read CVC words. The ease of this program and the dedication of our tutor has been a blessing to us. I’m so happy Learning Aid gave us the opportunity to help my foster son grow.”


“Huge shout out to Ms. Dawana B. This woman has come into our lives and has been nothing but a blessing. She has helped my daughter find confidence in school and learning. She understands we all learn different and has gone above and beyond to help my daughter find her way of learning. Thank you so much Dawana B for all your hard work, time, and dedication to my daughter. You feel like family.”


“My daughter has shown so much growth thanks to the one-on-one time made possible by Learning Aid Ohio. She is a hands-on learner. She needs sensory input to thrive and take in new things. With her provider, we've been able to take her out and get real life experiences. We've heard so many new sounds and words, as well as amazing life skills. Seeing the pieces "click" after trying something new has been nothing short of amazing. Laurie always is willing to try whatever I have in mind and helps brainstorm new ideas of things to try. She joins me in celebrating even what others may seem like small things but are huge to us. My daughter adores her as do we!”


Have questions?

Please look through the site and familiarize yourself with the content. We are confident you will find answers to your questions on the “For Families” and “Become a Provider” pages. If you still cannot find answers to your questions, please contact to let us know how we can help!

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