Southwest Ohio

Learning providers

This is the listing of our Learning providers in the Southwest Ohio area. Browse their bios here and determine who might be a good fit for your family.


Before booking, we highly encourage scheduling a free introductory interview by clicking on “Book A Session” in the main menu, then selecting the first service, “Introductory Interview” on the service listings.


If you know someone who would be a qualified candidate to work with students in your area, please direct them to the program manager.


Diana K.

Botkins, OH
+/- 15 miles


M-F 9am-5pm

RN graduate of Miami Valley School of Nursing

30 years of homeschooling experience

Five years ago, I was introduced to the Equipping Minds curriculum through founder Dr Carol Brown of Frankfurt, Kentucky. I have earned level one and two certifications in the Equipping Minds program. This cognitive development program is research based and written in a medical journal "Journal of Alternative Medicine Research" April/June 2018 - Vol10(2) Carol T Brown and Joav Merrick. This curriculum lays the foundation of learning for all ages and abilities. Testimonies include increased comprehension, reading abilities, visual and auditory processing, sequencing, oral and receptive expression,etc. This program includes a sound therapy system and reflexive exercises. Various different steps are utilized throughout this game based curriculum. Students participate in interactive games, paper and marker activities which are organized in a progressive and challenging manner.

Discuss location with provider

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th. M-F 10am-3pm

Amy S.

Wyoming, OH


M-F after 4pm

S-S 9am-1pm

B.S. in Speech Language Pathology & Audiology

M.S. Speech Language Pathology, Illinois State

25 years experience PreK-12th

I have 25 years of experience working with children with a wide variety of special needs.  I am able to help with speech sound production, increasing a child's ability to communicate using pictures, words and gestures, setting up home carryover activities for parents to work on at home and general suggestions for how to manage schoolwork and routines.  I am comfortable tutoring for reading, writing, history and social studies but generally not math past 5th grade.  I am able to provide parents with fun learning websites that can help maximize learning as well.

In-person services


Santana L.

Cincinnati, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M-F 4pm-8pm

Sat 8am-2pm

B.A. Psychology from Berea College

Teaching Certification (Special Education),

Old Dominion University

M.A.: Divinity from Regent University

Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Miami University (ABD)

I am offering a complimentary 30 minute one on one weekly Parent Support Session when you book a tutoring session with me. During this time we can discuss any concerns you have about remote learning or your child’s current IEP and touch bases on key points from your child’s tutoring session.If requested, I can work with your child’s IEP team to provide additional support for modifications and accommodations on school assignments. All sessions are always paired with personalized online enrichment activities to support learning in between tutoring sessions.

Pre-established Clients Only

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th. Su-Sa 10am-5pm

Natalie Y.

West Chester, OH
+/- 20 minutes


M-W  3:30-8pm

Th 5-8pm; Sat 9am-2pm; Sun 5pm-8pm

Masters of Education, Indiana Wesleyan University, Reading Endorsement k-12 University of Cincinnati, B.S.: Miami University

19 years as a teacher

Trained in Orton-Gillingham and Wilson Fundations K Facilitator 

As a committed and esteemed teacher of 20 years,I will provide individualized help for your student in a safe, engaging and caring environment. I will build a trusting relationship and help boost your student's confidence in their abilities so that he/she is able to reach his/her fullest potential. I will support their current needs as well as address any gaps in their learning that may have occurred due to a lack of available schooling. My extensive training coupled with my caring personality allows me to create a specific and successful individualized map forward.

In-person services


Kathy C.

Masters of Education,

North Kentucky University


I can provide support, assistance, and reteaching in all academic areas.  Since I have taught reading, math, and writing to primary students for many years, I have many strategies to use with your child.  I am enthusiastic and like to teach using hands on materials, movement, art, songs, games, and laughter.

In-person services

Lebanon, OH
+/- 10 miles


M-F 9am-4pm

Offering summer hours: June 1-Aug. 11. M, Th 8am-5pm

Brandi M.

Cincinnati, OH
+/- 10 miles


M, T, Th, F 4-8pm

Sa 12-8pm

Su 2-6pm

B.S.:  Secondary Mathematics Education

Miami University, Oxford

M.S.:  Master's of Mathematics

Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green

21 years teaching experience

K-12 and CCP Mathematics

I am qualified to tutor K-12 as well as collegiate levels of mathematics and hold a license for 7-12 mathematics.  My expertise are ACT prep, Algebra, and Calculus. I am available and capable to offer any and all accommodations and modifications on an IEP.  I am able to provide assistance with basic mathematical facts enforcement, calculating complex equations, STatCrunch, DesMos, MathXL and other software support as well. 

In-person services

Offering summer hours: May 24-Aug. 6th. M, T, Th, F 10a,-4pm, Sa 12-2pm

B.A. Education, University of Ashland 

6 years experience tutoring/teaching

K-12 intervention specialist mild/moderate, moderate/intensive . K-8 all subject areas, and language arts k-12. I can provide tutoring for students who are struggling in school. 

In-person services

Leanna S.

Bellefontaine, OH
+/- 20 minutes


M-F 5-10pm

Su 9am-5pm

Offering summer hours: June 1-Aug 24th. M-F 8am-10pm, S/S 8am-5pm

Jenine C.

Blue Ash, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M, F, Sa 8:30-5pm

T, W, Th 8:30-8pm

M.A. Education, University of Cincinnati, PK-3th

B.A. Education, Miami University, K-8th

Early Education of the Handicapped certification, Ashland University

Autism Spectrum Disorder certification, University of Cincinnati

I have over 15 years of one-on-one intervention experience as well as years as an elementary and early childhood classroom teacher. This exposure to many different learning styles and strategies underlies my passion to find just the right support to encourage each child to succeed. I have worked with a broad range of learning differences, ADHD, autism and its spectrum, dyslexia/calsulia/graphia, social and emotional deficits, early childhood readiness, executive functioning, and academic support. Working with a child’s strengths and finding the fun in learning is my plan for you and your child this school year.

Pre-established Clients Only

Offering summer hours: June 1-Aug 20. M-Th 8:30am-7pm, F 8:30-5pm

Anna C.

Sharonville, OH
+/- 30 miles


M-F 3-7pm

B.A. Special Education Mild Moderate

M.A. Reading Science, The University of Mount St. Joseph

Dyslexia Certificate ; Orton Gillingham Facilitator; Reading Endorsement; IMSELEC Certified

-Closing the gap of the reading scores

-Assess students on a 2 week basis using an approved reading assessment

-Assess reading referrals 

-Benefit students reading across the curriculum

-Common Core aligned 

 -Using reading materials based on grade level reading and writing ability. 

In-person services

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th. T-F 10am-5pm

Brandi S.

Cincinnati, OH
+/- 25 miles


M-F 3-8pm

Sa 9am-5pm

Su 12-5pm

B.A.  Kentucky State

M.A. College of Mount St. Joseph

M.ED. University of Cincinnati

All services begin with a diagnostic assessment to determine the student’s needs. Based on the results of the assessment, Nia Educational will created an Individualized Learning Plan.  Nia Educational will also work with the student’s teachers to support the student meeting the goals set in the IEP.

In-person services

Offering summer hours: June 1-July 31st. M-F 9am-5pm, Sa 12pm-3pm

Troy C.

Independence, KY
275 loop


M-F 6am-9pm

B.S.: with honors in Biology,
University of Cincinnati

15 years teaching

K-12 all subjects

Expert: dyslexia, autism, ADHD

As a private tutor with over 15 years of teaching experience, I can provide a wide range of services to help your child excel. I am an expert in the areas of dyslexia, autism, and ADHD. I am trained in multiple methods of reading instruction, including the Orton-Gillingham method. I am also an active member of the International Dyslexia Association. I also provide initial evaluations of reading and math competency to discover where your child needs the most help before developing a complete plan for getting them back on track. My previous clients have mentioned that I am extremely patient and caring. I truly believe that every child has the ability to succeed and will never give up on a child once I accept them as a student.

In-person services

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.

Jessica S.

Greenville, OH
+/- 15 miles


M, W, Th 5pm-8pm

Sa 9am-4pm

Su 4pm-8pm

M.A. Education and Human Development,
The George Washington University

7 years paraprofessional, high school level

4 years inclusion education support, high school English, Algebra, World History, Biology. 

Educational support for high school students following an inclusive or modified Ohio High School education plan. Support services also offered for transition programming and/or meeting transition goals. Experience in providing one to one habilitation practices.

In-person services


Jennifer M.

Waynesville, OH
Warren Co.


T-Th 11am-3pm

B.S.: Education, Cumberland College

Many hours of post grad work and CUEs

17+ years teaching

K-8th grade core subjects; math K-5th.

As a teacher I use the MAWL method: Model, Assist, Watch, Let Go.  I will model the method, assist the student, watch the student, and launch them to be independent in the skill. Students will be fully engaged through power point slides, interactive discussion, teacher and student modeling, as well as inspiration from others. I desire to instill in students an eagerness to learn and explore their curiosity about life. 

In-person services

Offering summer hours: T-Th 11am-3pm

Joe M.

Sidney, OH
+/- 25 miles


M, Th 3:45-7pm

F 3:45-5pm

Sa 9am-12pm

B.S.: Education (Mild-Moderate Intervention Services), Bowling Green State University

M.A.: Education, Concordia University-Chicago

14 years Intervention Specialist

I can  provide whatever support is needed for students to meet their IEP goals. I have extensive knowledge of diverse IEP goals and helping in whatever way I can for students to reach their own individualized goals. I work closely with parents every step of the way, updating student progress 

towards their overall goals. I have an extensive background in various behavior techniques that improve student achievement. I continuously work to meet the learning needs of all of my students. I’m a Pet Partners Therapy Dog Handler. My dog, Olivia, is a certified therapy dog and has regularly been in the classroom with me one day per week.

In-person services


Jennifer T.

Versailles, OH
+/- 30 minutes


M 4-7pm

Sa 9am-12pm

B.A., Wright State University

Substitute & Aide License

K-7 all, 9th grade History, Science, Algebra 

I currently work with a small group of 7th grade students in the classroom setting in English, History and Math and a small group of 9th grade students in History, English, Science and Algebra.  I have four children in grades 2-12 that I have helped for many years with their school work so I feel comfortable working with elementary students even though my school experience is with the older students.

In-person services

Offering summer hours: June 14-Aug 6. M-Th 9am-12pm

Genya D.

Centerville, OH
+/- 30 minutes


M-Su 7:30am-9pm

B.S., Wright State University, M.A. in Education from Antioch University

K-8 + K-12 Reading, Dyslexia Therapy
(Orton-Gillingham certified Master Trainer)

As an experienced educator and tutor, I provide support for students in areas specific to their IEP needs. I also work with students to develop strong academic habits (study skills, organization), reteach concepts as needed, and provide ongoing formative assessment to ensure student success. I am Orton-Gillingham Master Trainer certified and work with students with dyslexia in grades K-12. I bring my knowledge, skills, and expertise as a compassionate educator to the support I provide to students with diverse needs. 

In-person services

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.

Bachelors Degree

16 years tutoring


One on one individualized service
Patience and care
Homework help
Test prep
Remediation and Goal setting

Pre-established Clients Only

Rachel A.

West Chester, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M-F 8am-9am; 4-5pm

Sa 12-2pm

Su 2-4pm


Abbey H.

Batavia, OH
+/- 30 minutes


M-F 1-5pm

University of Cincinnati, currently attending - bachelor's degree for Early Childhood Education

2 years tutoring

K-6 reading, writing, all subjects

With my experience working with special needs students, I am willing to help with adaptation or modification of assignments to meet their needs, one-on-one assistance with fine or gross motor skills, and any hygiene needs. I currently hold an educational aide permit from the state of Ohio. I can create 3 tasks for students to work on which adheres to their skill set or what they are working on. This may be phonics, reading comprehension, math, or science/social studies. I have experience working with assistive technology, mostly TouchChat, if that is required.

Currently Unavailable


B.A.: Special Education,

University of Cincinnati

earning my M.A. in Educational Leadership, University of Cincinnati

As an Intervention Specialist, I can provide a variety of services. I create interactive lessons, virtually or in person, that use evidence based practices that meet your student's educational and behavioral needs. I can work with your student and family to help create supports and interventions that can be used at home that can support your child during this challenging time. I can be a great resource to provide additional support to your student and family to create an environment that allows your student to continue to receive a meaningful education during this time.

Pre-established clients only

Kelsey M.

Cincinnati, OH
+/- 20 minutes


M-Th 3-8pm

Sa 10-2pm


Michelle S.

Cincinnati, OH
+/- 15 miles


M, W, F 4-7pm

Tu 4pm-8pm

Th 4pm-6pm

Sa 8am-12pm

Final year B.S. in Neuropsychology,
the University of Cincinnati

2 years tutoring

K-12: Using my experience working with students with special needs, I am drive to use my knowledge to help give students the tools they need to succeed. My extensive training in tutoring will allow me to help students struggling in school and provide structure into their learning routine. I will help assess what skills and concepts the student is struggling with, and work on improving these thoroughly to help meet their goals in their IEP. I have experience using TouchChat if needed, as well.

In-person services


Caitlin O.

Kettering, OH
+/- 20 minutes


M, W, Th 1-6pm

T, F 8-6pm

B.A. Psychology & Biology, University of Dayton

currently getting M.A.: School Counseling,

Wright State University

4 years tutoring/substitute teacher


I can provide individual instruction for the student according to the goals that are identified in their IEP. I will help the student to complete their homework, relearn or review missed concepts, and strengthen their skills in core subjects, such as math and English. I will work with parents to keep them updated on their child’s progress. I believe that encouraging the student and helping them to build their self-confidence is key to success in school.

In-person services

Offering summer hours: June 7-Aug 20. M-F 9am-4pm

Staci C.

Miamisburg, OH
Dayton Metro Library


M-Th 10-6pm

F 10-4pm

Sa 10-2pm

B.S.: Education, Miami University

M.A. of Education: Educational Leadership Curriculum & Instruction

Teacher Leader, Wright State University, post grad work at University of Dayton

Certified health and life coach,

Health Coach Institute

Teaching/Tutoring 17 years

I can provide support in all subject areas for grades PreK-3rd. I have worked with students that have ADHD, autism, social and emotional deficits, who are behind academically, and students who struggle with executive functioning skills. I can offer a variety of learning materials with detailed directions to keep at home for extra practice and I am available to discuss any concerns parents/caregivers may have with academics and/or school related issues and offer insight on how to move forward to achieve a positive outcome.

Currently Unavailable


Denisa B.

Cincinnati, OH
+/- 20 miles


M-Th 4-7:30pm

B.B.A.: Operations Management and Accounting, University of Cincinnati

ME.d Special Education, Grand Canyon University

13 years teaching

Licensed in K-12 Special Education

5th-9th grade

My subject areas of expertise are: Integrated English Language Arts, Reading, History, General Mathematics, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1.

I am willing to offer reading comprehension strategies, studying skills, phonemic awareness to improve reading fluency, multiple math strategies, note taking skills, organizational skills, and time management skills. In the instance your child has a reading goal, comprehension difficulty or fluency struggles I can test and tailor a reading plan addressing their specific needs ensuring growth. I have an ability to provide mathematical instruction in various ways to ensure a child's deeper conceptual understanding. 

In-person services

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.

Karen Y.

M.A.: Elementary Education from Ohio University, plus 30 additional hours

Teaching/Tutoring 32 years

Licensed grades 1-8 with Gifted Endorsement National Board Certification: Middle Childhood Generalist 

I can provide one-on-one teaching/tutoring for elementary children in Grades K-6. I have many years of experience working with children and determining their learning style to maximize the tutoring experience. 

In-person services

West Union, OH
+/- 20 miles


M-Th 9-5pm

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.

William A.

Cincinnati, OH
+/- 25 miles


M-F 10-4pm

S/S 11-4pm

Currently attending Colorado Technical University - B.A. Criminal Justice/Human Services,

20 Years tutoring

K-8, English/Language Arts

I offer African American Male Presence, guidance and structure. Teaching of social and coping skills. Help to cultivate a comfortable and safe learning environment, while making learning fun. I also can provide Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and assist parents/guardians with tools, strategies and techniques to lessen stress & feelings of hopelessness . A sense of respite for parents who may just need a brain break, and/or additional resources they may feel ashamed of to ask for, such as housing, food, and feeling safe. It takes a village to raise and care for us students. I accept the duty!

In-person services


Robyn C.

Burlington, KY
+/- 35 miles


M, T 2:30-7:30pm

W, Th 6:30-8:30pm

F 2:30-5:30pm

B.A. University of Rio Grande University

M.A.: Asbury University 

34 years teaching

30 years tutoring

I can help you improve scores, raise grades, and expand your knowledge in all subject areas. My degree is in Special Education grades K-12 as well as Physical Education/Health. I also have a Master's Degree in Literacy.  I enjoy tutoring because there is nothing quite as rewarding to me as helping children be successful. I look forward to learning about what will help YOU reach these goals. 

In-person services


Olivia M.

Fairborn, OH
+/- 20 miles


M-Th 9am-2pm

Assoc. Liberal Arts, Sinclair Community College

Working on my Bachelor’s degree in Intervention Specialist, Wright State University

5 years tutoring

5 years of experience working with children with and without disabilities. 2 years of experience teaching preschoolers and 4 years of experience tutoring homeschooled children.

Subject matter expertise: language arts and history/social studies. I am an independent care provider through the DODD, so I am willing to offer personal care services as well as tutoring services.

Currently Unavailable


Misty C.

Cincinnati, OH
+/- 20 miles


M-F 9am-5pm

Doctorate of Ed. D. Educational Leadership (In dissertation process), Miami University
M.S. Special Education, University of Cincinnati
B.S. Secondary Education, University of Cincinnati
B. A. History, University of Cincinnati

20 years experience teaching/tutoring


I am certified as both a General Education teacher and a Special Education teacher with highly qualified status in Language Arts, math, science, and social studies. My experience engenders both resource room and an inclusive environment with students who have special needs for 20+ years serving students in all subject areas. Currently, I teach Resource room Mathematics at the high school level and tutor in all subject areas.

In person services

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.

Allen S.

West Union, OH
+/- 30 miles


M-Th 4-6pm

B.A.: Elementary Education, Wilmington College

M.A.: Educational Leadership, Capella University

4th-5th grade endorsement, Ohio University

K-12 Reading Endorsement, Wilmington College

16 years of teaching; 14 years tutoring

I can provide assistance with all subjects.  I have a lot of training and experience with students who struggle with reading and writing.  I can provide reading strategies for beginning readers, as well as students who can read well, but struggle with comprehension.  I can help students with phonics and learning spelling patterns so they have a better understanding for writing.  Also, I can provide support with students struggling with math skills, whether it be specific skills or fluency.  Last, I can help students with understanding science and social studies concepts.  Through teaching students comprehension strategies, I can help them understand these specific subjects.

In-person services


Naomi H.

Yellow Springs, OH
+/- 25 miles


M-F 4-8pm

S/S 9am-5pm

M.A.: Education, Antioch University Midwest

B.A.: The Evergreen State College

7 years teaching/tutoring

I can provide specialized support and instruction in literacy, including phonics, vocabulary, reading fluency, reading comprehension.  I can also provide specialized support in mathematics, including concepts ranging from basic number sense to highschool-level algebra and geometry.  I am trained in restorative practices, trauma-informed care, Zones of Regulation, and the Social Thinking program and feel comfortable supporting students' social-emotional needs, including developing and implementing strategies to cope with anxiety and frustration.  I can provide strategies and tools to support executive function skills such as task initiation, organization, establishing priorities, self-monitoring, and time management.  I provide collaborative communication with families and any other service providers to ensure that my services support the work of the rest of the people supporting the student.  

In-person services

Offering summer hours: June 6 - Aug 6th. M-F 10am-4pm.

Lauren R.

Oakley, OH
+/- 20 miles


M, T, W, F 3:30-6pm

B.A.: French , K-12 World Language Education, Miami University

7 years tutoring

TESOL Certification (Teaching English as a Second Language)

As a World Language teacher with a certification in Teaching English as a Second Language, I have extensive experience in teaching specific reading skills to many types of students. In my current position as a French teacher, I teach an introductory language class to students in grades 8-12. I have previously worked as a substitute teacher where I filled in for reading tutors and special education teachers. I worked with students in small groups to strengthen their reading skills through the PACE model, guided practice, and co-constructive methods. As a tutor, I can provide focused reading practice for students who are having trouble reading school material on their own. 

In-person services

Offering summer hours: June 21-Aug 2. M, W, Th, F 8am-5pm

Tamaiya W.

Bachelors of Arts in Music Performance 

Northern Kentucky University 

7 years of tutoring experience

I am available to assist students K-8 in all subjects and students in grades 9-12 with select subjects.  I have experience working with students with learning disabilities such as ADD,ADHD,Dyslexia etc. My services are dedicated to helping students build confidence in their academics creatively and with empathy.

Each session is tailored to the students needs.

In-person services

Cincinnati, OH
+/- 15 miles


M-F 9am-7pm


Tamara J.

Cincinnati, OH
+/- 20 miles


M-F 3-7pm

Sa 9-4pm

Su 2-5pm

B.S.: Biology/Chemistry, Wilberforce University

M.A.: Educational Leadership, University of Cincinnati

20 years teaching experience

Science 7 - 12: Middle School Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Physics

Math 4-9, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry

ACT Prep

I can provide academic support, reteaching and study strategies in all subject areas.

In-person services

Offering summer hours: June 1-Aug 15th. M-F 9am-7pm, Sa 9am-3pm, Su 2-5pm

Kimberly S.

Master in Education, University of Cincinnati

7 years teaching experience

ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis)

I provide learning services that are geared to assist with barriers an individual may have (e.g. social, academic, communication, and ADL). As a learning provider, I am able to build upon skills to increase personal autonomy, as well as assist with other individualized skills and/or needs. Additionally, I am able to support strategies for behavior concerns/challenges.  

Pre-established Clients Only

Dayton, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M-F 10-4:30pm


Tracey L.

Pre-established Clients Only


M-F 3-6pm

S/S 12-3pm

M. Ed Educational Administration, Grand Canyon University, M. Ed Special Education, Grand Canyon University & BS Health Promotion and Education, University of Cincinnati

19 years teaching & tutoring experience

K-12 mild/moderate Special Ed. license

Certified special education K-12 mild/moderate teacher with 19 years of classroom and online teaching experience. I am able to provide unique, differentiated tutoring to support students in the areas of reading fluency, reading comprehension, written expression, mathematics and life skill/transitional activities. I welcome insight from families and utilize academic data in order to develop appropriate lessons according to student needs.

Pre-established Clients Only

Offering summer hours: June 1-Aug 1. M-Th 2pm-6pm, Sa 12-3pm

Marvin H.

Fairborn, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


T/Th 8am-2pm

W 1:30-8pm

F 1:15-8pm

Sa 10-8pm; Su 12-6pm

Associates: Sinclair Community College

2 years Wright State University & the University of Findlay

4 years camp counseling; 2 years of tutoring/teaching

Attending Wright State University: Middle Childhood Education, specialization-math, science

I will provide a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment that is devoted to helping students grow. Also, I can provide pencils and paper for the student to use if needed. I will provide kindness, patience, and understanding during academic challenges so students can work to the best of their ability. 

Pre-established Clients Only


M.A.: Education

10 years teaching/tutoring

7-12, mathematics

I will work to support homework and provide clarification and explanations of the subject matter.
I will also use a variety of resources to increase comprehension and provide additional practice.

Pre-established Clients Only

Suneeta H.

Blue Ash, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M-Th 4-6pm

F 4-5:30pm

S/S 2-3:30pm


B.A.: Engineering Management, Miami University

25 years tutoring experience for students in Kindergarten - College level

Faith based educational and academic enrichment programs for youth and young adults whose focus is the improvement of participants academic performance, job skills, and employability.

In-person services

Carmelia O.

Trotwood, OH
In provider's office

$45/2 hrs

M, F 8:00am-6pm

T-Th 3:30-6:30pm

Offering summer hours: June 14-Aug 13th. M-Th 8am-6pm

Rose H.

Fairfield Twnshp., OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M-F 3:30-5:30pm

B.A.: Accounting, University of Cincinnati
M.A.: Education (Special Education),
Xavier University

Intervention Specialist (mild/moderate) K-12
Currently work in high school teaching resource math but have worked in multiple subject areas (English, History, Science and math). I will provide assistance with comprehension of assigned materials and completion of assignments. I'm willing to communicate with school of residence to confirm materials and instruction necessary for student.

Pre-established Clients Only


Felicia S.

Cincinnati, OH
+/- 20 minutes


M-Th 3-7pm

S/S 1-3pm

B.A.: Fisk University
B.S.: Xavier University
Business Administration/Information Systems
MBA, University Of Cincinnati
M.A.: Education, University Of Cincinnati
Doctor of Education


I am able to provide instruction in all core areas K-12th grade. Motivated, enthusiastic educator with 15+ years experience fostering a cohesive student learning atmosphere.  Dedicated, resourceful education professional with proven ability to; create and monitor policies and practices that promote a safe learning environment; ensure a school culture that encourages continuous improvements for teachers and students; develop an environment that encourages open communication with colleagues, students, and the community; and mentor educators in the creation and implementation of classroom instruction, lesson plans, and student assessments.

In-person services


Yvette C.

Cincinnati, OH
+/- 8 miles


M-F 3-7pm

Sa 9am-4pm

Su 2pm-5pm

Professional Certificate Administration Management-Webpage Management, University of Cincinnati Blueash 

B.S. Marketing , Wilberforce University

Master of Education, Miami University of Cincinnati

20 years teaching/tutoring

K-3rd grade

Intervention Specialist/Orton-Gillingham trained

I am certified to teach Mild to Moderate Special Education Kindergarten through 12th grade. I can provide academic support, reteaching and study strategies in all subject areas. This is my sixth school year at Oyler Community School, teaching three years at primary level kindergarten to 2nd grade in Special Education in my building.

My job is to inspire others to become their higher self. I am genuinely passionate about working with my kiddo!!  Helping each child progress in all areas of their development—academic, social, language, and motor—is a challenge that I am honored to accept daily.  I strive to create a community of learners that nurtures this growth in a positive fun environment.

In person services


Mariah L.

Centerville, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M-F 8am-8pm

Sinclair  Community college

3 years tutoring

I will provide physical, mental, and emotional support. Activities including motor skill play fine motor and gross motor skills. I will provide language guidance and activities. I will provide clear boundaries for a successful emotional environment and creative opportunities ive provided a bike and a trampoline as well as water activities. Art and gardening that will introduce her into year two or gardening and food prep.

Pre-established Clients Only


B.A.: Early Childhood Education,

Northern Kentucky University

3 years tutoring

10-13 year olds

Review weekly virtual lesson plans and supplement with resources and curriculum provided by the school. Ie, flashcards, games, and other activities to support IEP goals.

Pre-established Clients Only

Tiffany G.

Cincinnati, OH
Pre-established Clients Only



Brad B.

Cincinnati, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


B.S. of Middle Childhood Education,
University of Dayton
4-9 English language arts/reading, 4-9 science, Xavier University

M. Ed. K-12 Reading with Reading Endorsement, Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement
Currently enrolled at the University of Dayton

10 years teaching/4 years tutoring


The goal is to provide a 2-hour tutoring session, virtually, every Sunday of the weekend during the evening hours.  My goal is to tutor this child to become a more proficient reader and developing writer.  I also will help this client with word recognition, spelling/orthographic development, fluency, and other explicit instruction as needed.

Pre-established Clients Only


James L.

Miamisburg, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M-Sa 4-8pm

BA Business Administration;
Wright State University
Master's of Educational Leadership;
Antioch University
Gifted Education Endorsement;
Wright State University

20 years of teaching, curriculum coaching, Title I, and Gifted Education


Provide a short summary of what you will provide: Remedial lessons in math and science. Taylor the lessons so that the student's basic foundational are reinforced  or in some cases introduced so that the current standards or core content can be supported with a strong foundational understanding.

Pre-established Clients Only

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.

Michelle C.

Cincinnati, OH
+/- 15 minutes


M, T, Th 3-6pm

W 4-7pm

MSW Graduate - University of Cincinnati
10+ years teaching/tutoring
Michelle Renee Christian has over twenty years of experience in the field of counseling specializing in youth, couples and families. She has worked with those that have experienced homelessness as the Life Skills Facilitator at Bethany House Services, Inc.  

Strenthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, individual learning experience; customizing activities, one on one attention; preparation for test/exams - working with specific problem areas, giving constant encouragement and praise - allowing learning to be fun and not overwhelming; help with pace and self-directed learning; help establish good study habits; providing an safe environment eliminating distractions; helping the student take ownership of tasks; help understimulated chilren reach full potential; help prepare for college - adopting good study skills; help manage school work and time

High school/ Olentangy Berlin High School

1 year tutoring


Will help students with school work and extra practice

In person services

Payton W.

Oxford, OH
+/- 30 miles


M, T 9am-9pm

W 9-12pm; 3-9pm

Th 9-12pm; 4:30-9pm

F 9-12:30pm; 3-7pm

S/S 12pm-8pm


Therese G.

Blue Ash, OH
+/- 10 miles


M 9am-8pm

W 9am-7pm

F 9am-4pm

Master's Degree (University of Cincinnati)

20 years teaching/tutoring


I am a licensed Intervention Specialist K-12 and Science Teacher 7-12.


-Reading and writing interventions

-Math tutoring through grade 10 including algebra and geometry

-Science tutoring through grade 12 including chemistry, biology and physics

-Strategies for planning, organization, and breaking down assignments

In person services

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.

Sabrina S.

West Chester, OH
+/- 30 minutes


T-Th 6-8pm

Sa 10-5pm

Su 1-5pm

Xavier University - M.Ed. School Counseling

8 years in education, school counselor

15 years, residential treatment home with children (ages 4-14) emotional and behavioral difficulties


I am able to provide instruction in all core areas I will provide individual assistance with organization, work completion, and self-regulation for all subject areas and will be upfront with families about which grade level subject areas I can provide content tutoring in. 

In-person services


Karen S.

Master Teacher - Urbana University

25 years teaching

Orton Gillingham (Wilson Reading). I hold a Specific Learning Disabilities license


I will provide reading materials, and workbooks for reading.  If for math I will provide manipulatives and opportunities to learn strategies to develop skills and confidence in performing math skills.

Pre-established clients only

Springfield, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M-Th 3-5pm


Masters in Special Education

10 years teaching/tutoring


LETRS reading method

I will provide targeted intervention for reading, math or behavior needs for students on an IEP.

In person services