Central Ohio

Learning providers

This is the listing of our Learning providers in the Central Ohio area. Browse their bios here and determine who might be a good fit for your family.


Before booking, we highly encourage scheduling a free introductory interview by clicking on “Book A Session” in the main menu, then selecting the first service, “Introductory Interview” on the service listings.


If you know someone who would be a qualified candidate to work with students in your area, please direct them to the program manager.


M.A., Communication Sciences (Speech Pathology), Case Western Reserve University
B.A., Middle Childhood Education, Marietta College

11 years experience SLP, 15 years total

ages 3-21


As an SLP, I am highly qualified to provide specialized services targeting the following: articulation, phonology, literacy, receptive & expressive language, fluency (stuttering), voice, social communication, and cognitive-linguistic issues (attention, memory, problem-solving, reasoning, organization, etc.). Speech therapy sessions can be 30-60 minutes depending on each student's specific needs. I am able to provide direct therapy services as well as family coaching/consultation to improve generalization of targeted skills to home, school, and community settings. My specialty is empowering neurodivergent youth to become strong self-advocates and effective communicators in preparation for life beyond school.

In-person services

Mallory F.

Granville, OH
+/- 10 minutes


T, Th 10am-4pm

W 12pm-6pm

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.

Tanya W.

AS: Community College & Ohio Dominican

10+ experience tutoring

K-5th Intervention Specialist

I am currently certified through Ohio to work with all age groups with people on the spectrum. I offer one on one tutoring in any subject including life skills- ability to work with most behaviors - I just ask that the parent/guardian guide me on challenges and comforts for their child/adult

In-person services

Canal Winchester, OH
+/- 45 minutes


M-Sa 8am-7pm

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.  M-F 8am-8pm, S/S 8am-8pm

Bachelors Degree from Ohio State in Special Education K-12 Mild/Moderate

3 years tutoring



Academic instruction related to IEP goals and objectives

In-person services

Hayley N.

Reynoldsburg, OH
+/- 20 minutes


M-F 8am-10am

Available beginning June 1.

Registered Behavior Technician
Board Certified Behavior Analysts

5 years tutoring


I am incredibly patient, understanding and empathetic.  I work only through standard ABA practices of positive reinforcement. I enjoy my work as a RBT because of the positive impact I am able to have on the lives of students and their families, Whether your child has been diagnosed with ASD, ADHD or any other learning disability, I have experience bringing out the best in students. Together, we will celebrate progress and find a path to success for your child. Where once they avoided improving on their school work, they often become eager to learn and excel. Students will often look forward to learning with me on a regular basis.

In-person services

Shane F.

Dublin, OH
+/- 30 minutes


M, T, W, F 4-7pm

Th 4-8pm

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.

Stephanie L.

Hilliard, OH
+/-20 miles


M-Su 8am-7pm

BBA (MVNU). Health (Hondros College)

In process: Masters of Education (BGSU)

I am able to work with any student in K-12 and adults. I offer supplemental supports such as: altering instruction, and differing learning method & material. Direct services include: assistive tech and adaptive tools to aide learning. I can address the individual needs of each student on a case by case basis.  I currently work as a CTE teacher educating troubled youth in Columbus.  My student populations range from non-verbal to transient children.  I hold 5 ODE licenses and am able to work with K-12.   My areas of specialty include:  Reading, Writing, and Career Technical Education.

In-person services

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30. Su-Sa 8am-5pm

Jennifer S.

London, OH
Pre-established Clients  Only


M 7-9am; 6-8pm

W 7-9am; 4-7pm

F 7-9am

S/S 1-4pm

M.A.: Speech-Language Pathology,
University of Akron

9 years experience: Speech-Language Pathologist; Over 20 years experience working with children of all ages in various capacities

I can provide speech-language therapy services to treat a variety of communication disorders and target IEP goals. I also offer structured literacy intervention using Orton-Gillingham methodology to support reading, writing and spelling skills. My specialized training as a Speech-Language Pathologist allows me to identify and address underlying language and phonological (sound system) weaknesses that are contributing to the child’s reading difficulties, which results in more targeted intervention and faster progress than traditional reading tutoring. After each session, I will offer parents suggestions for increasing carryover of skills at home and additional practice activities. Additionally, I am bilingual in Spanish and English.

Pre-established Clients Only

Offering summer hours: June 7-Sept 30th. T 2:30-5:30; W-F 9am-11:30am

BS in Education, The Ohio State University

M.Ed Ed-T&P, The Ohio State University

23 years teaching

I am certified to teach k-8.

I have a strong background in Reading Instruction

Reading Recovery and LLI training

In-person services

Beth W.

Marion, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M-F 4pm-8:30pm

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.

Kerry M.

M.A. The University of Akron

1 year tutoring

I currently work at a school for kids with autism. Overall, I can offer support with language and social skills. I also have experience with augmentative and alternative communication devices! I mainly do language, articulation, and social skill therapy. Speech-Language Pathology expertise.

Pre-established Clients Only

Lewis Center, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M-Th 5:30-7:30pm


Bachelors in Science: Middle Childhood Education (Math and Science)

2 years tutoring



During the tutoring session I will provide quality understanding of the subject matter at hand. I can help students understand their assignments and organize what needs to be done. I have experience with many online teaching programs and will be able to create a system that puts your student on the right track.

In-person services

Aaron G.

Lancaster, OH
+/- 25 miles


M-Th 3:30pm-7:30pm

Sa 9am-2pm

Offering summer hours: June 1-Aug 1. M-F 12pm-8pm

Deborah J.

McDermott, OH
+/- 35 minutes


M-F 8am-4pm

BSSW, The Ohio State University.


Certified as a SURROGATE PARENT, ODE. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

10 years class aide, 2 years tutoring


Provide 1:1 educational assistance to students who are in elementary, secondary, middle, and high school grade levels. I am flexible and available to provide academic support, in Reading, Writing,  Language Arts, Science, English, Math, History, ESL , literacy and   interventions specified on student's IEP.

In-person services


Wendy W.

Assoc.: Social Sciences,  Columbus State

B.A.: Psychology from Otterbein

8 years teaching/tutoring PreK-12th

Special Education, social studies, and science.  I can tutor mathematics to Algebra II and have lots of experience with ESL strategies for neurodiverse learners . I am willing to provide learning strategies and supports that are effective and productive. 
I am qualified to offer a variety of multi-sensory learning strategies, including "unbranded" Orton-Gillingham-based interventions.

In-person services

Ostrander, OH
+/- 20 minutes


M, T, Th, F 8am-7pm

W 8am - 1pm

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.

MA in Education/Intervention Specialist

6 years teaching/tutoring experience


I am certified to teach Reading grades K-12 and Math K-6.  My teaching experience is in remedial reading and math.  I have experience tutoring students with IEPs.  I will assess students skills and plan math and reading instruction methods according to the students’ needs.  I can also assist with content area reading in Social Studies and Science.

Pre-established Clients Only

Regena C.

Pickerington, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M-F 11am-4pm

Su 3pm-5pm

Offering summer hours: June 1-Aug 14th. M, T, F 2:30-5:30; W/Th 3-6pm; Sa 11-1:30pm

Kimberly H.

Columbus, OH
+/- 30 miles


Monday 1-5:30pm

Tuesday 12:30-1:30; 4:30-5:30

Wednesday 12:30-8pm

Thursday 12:30-6pm

B.M. Music Therapy & Double Bass Performance, Baldwin Wallace University 

M.A. Music & Health Sciences, concentration in Neurologic Music Therapy 

I have been a board certified music therapist for 6 years with children ages infant-12th grade.  I am willing to work with any age or diagnosis.  Diagnoses I have the most experience with are Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Apert Syndrome, Prader Willie Syndrome, behavioral disorders, motor disorders, medically fragile children, and gifted children.  I can also provide guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, and voice lessons for children with or without disabilities. 

In-person services, office location Worthington

Summer hours: May 24-Sept 30. M 11-6p; Tu 11am-1pm, 4pm-5pm, 7pm-8pm

W 11a- 8pm; Th 11am – 6pm


Katie O.

Columbus, OH
Pre-established Clients Only


M, W 4-7pm

T 4-6pm

F 4-5pm

Sa 9am-1pm

B.A.: Moderate to Intensive Special Education, Bowling Green State University

Experience: Teaching (6) Tutoring (10)

Licensed K-12 Intervention Specialist

I am able to provide tutoring for students with IEPs in grades K-12. I am able to work with students of many different ability levels in providing reading, math, or other subject instruction. I am able to help students in completing online classwork and/or provide supplemental instruction. I have experience working with students with autism, ADHD, Down's Syndrome, health impairments, behavioral/emotional issues, mild to intensive intellectual disabilities, and more. I currently teach a classroom of students in K-3 who are learning 100% virtually, and understand many of the struggles our students and their families are facing during this remote learning period. 

Pre-established Clients Only

Offering summer hours: June 7-Aug 18th. T/Th 9am-2pm; W 9am-3pm

Tonya K.

Blacklick, OH
+/- 45 minutes


M, W 3-5pm

T/Th 4-6pm

Sa 12-5pm

M.A. of Education Degree,
Grand Canyon University

5 years of teaching / 8 years of tutoring

I can tutor students PreK-4th grade in subjects and skills ELA, Math, Phonics, writing, NWEA, and STAR test prep. I am able to identify, develop, and implement intervention strategies, IEP assistance for students, assist students with study skills, note-taking skills, and test-taking strategies. I review class material with students by discussing the text, working solutions problems, and/ or reviewing class materials or other assignments. 

In-person services

Offering summer hours: June 1-Sept 30th.