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This is the listing of our Learning providers in the Northwest Ohio area. Browse their bios here and determine who might be a good fit for your family.


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Aimee G.

Wapakoneta, OH
+/- 20 miles
M-F 3-8pm; Sa, Su 8am-8pm


In-person services

Assoc. Ohio State branch campus
7 years teaching/tutoring
K-12, any subjects

I have been working with students for may years in the school systems. I have five kids of my own.I enjoy teaching children to be their best to their own potential.

For many students their daily schedule at schools the best part of their day.

Carrie B.

Current clients only
M-F 3pm-8pm; Su 3-7pm


Pre-established clients only

M.A. Special Education, Grand Canyon University
15 years teaching, 10 years tutoring

I will provide basic math and reading strategies to scholars that are lacking the basic skills to be successful in their academic classes, remedial sessions and reading comprehension sessions.

Carlie S.

Sylvannia, OH
M-Th 5-8pm


Pre-established Clients Only

B.S., Xavier University
8 years tutoring, K-12

Orton-Gillingham training during undergrad, used periodically in teaching
Academic tutoring, organizational, self advocacy and study skills. Providing routine & structure during virtual, hybrid or traditional schooling.

Latonia R.

Toledo, OH
+/- 15 minutes
M-W 4-8pm; Th 3-5pm; Sa 1-3pm


In-person services

Assoc..Early Childhood Education (Owens Community College)
B.A., Education with a focus on Special Education
M.A., Intervention Studies
Education Specialist Degree; Leadership and Administration, Bowling Green State University
23 years experience

Social and Emotional Skills, Academics, Goal Setting, Financial Awareness, Healthy Lifestyle living and planning, Outdoor activities when appropriate
Transition to Life after high school, The transition from grade school to high school
College and work application assistance and practice
Transferable Skills activities, Daily Living activities, Self-advocacy awareness

Paige J.

Sylvania, OH
+/- 20 miles
Tu 4-8pm


In-person services

M.A., Ed in Special Education, Bowling Green State University

My passion in life is to work with students of neurodiversity. My entire life has included helping those around me, from being a nanny, DSP, mentor, tutor, counselor, and a volunteer. I graduated in 2020 from Bowling Green State University with my Master of Education, specializing in Special Education. Through my past work experiences, I have had opportunities to work with students of various neurodiversities, including: autism, down syndrome, intellectual disability, and traumatic brain injuries. I also gained experience creating and implementing IEPs within the school system. As a school lover, I would be ecstatic to teach any subject.

Susan D.

Toledo, OH
+/- 15 minutes
M 3-6pm; T-F 1-6pm; Sa 9am-5pm; Su 1-5pm


In-person services

M.A., Special Education
19 years teaching, 16 tutoring

I am willing to help students, especially those with special needs, working on skills they currently have so they maintain them and progress where needed. Reading and writing are areas of expertise, but I am willing to help in other areas like social studies, and other core subjects as well.

Cindy C.

Leipsic, OH
+/- 30 miles
M-Th 4-7pm; Sa 8am-3pm; Su 1-6pm


In-person services

Masters in Education
15 years experience
Ages 3- 8th grade

I will provide an enrichment activities that enhance the needed learning skills in a positive environment.

Natalie K.

Bowling Green, OH
+/-30 minutes
M-Sa 8am-8pm


Pre-established clients only

B.S.: in Education with a Specialization in Adolescence to Young Adult Integrated Language Arts with a minor in English, Bowling Green State University
1 year of teaching, 5 years of tutoring

My focus as an educator and teacher is primarily around fostering student confidence and resiliency. Studies show that when students feel confident in themselves, they are more willing to take on new challenges, try again when they perceive that they have failed, and have a growth mindset. This is not an immediate fix, but is something that takes a while to grow in each student, but I take time each session to continue to grow this love of learning, and love of making mistakes and growing from them. I am skilled in one-on-one and group settings, from pre-kindergarten, all the way to PhD candidates who need an editor. Each lesson is tailored to the student.

Matthew Z.

Tiffin, OH
+/- 30 minutes
M-Th 11am-3pm


In-person services

B.A., education
2 years experience teaching

I will actively listen to the parent/guardian to Specific interventions and strategies on reading, writing and math iep goals. If a student has adaptive, social or emotional goals I will work on those as well.

Anabelle W.

Maumee, OH
M-F 9am-9pm


Pre-established Clients Only

University of Toledo
(I will graduate in Spring of 2022)

I am very passionate about working along side children of all ages to help them learn communication skills, and how to work through tasks. I have worked with children for 6+ years in a variety of capacities where I utilize patience, kindness, and how to stay calm.

Charles U.

Toledo, OH
+/- 5 miles
M-F 9am-1pm; Sa 10am-12pm


In-person services

Ph.D., M.Ed. Education, MBA. The University of Toledo, Ohio.
30 years of teaching/tutoring experience
K-5. I am interested in providing teaching/tutoring one-on--one in- person services to students early in their formative years to solidly prepare them for their future leaning and good progress
Reading, Comprehension, Writing and Basic Math

I will provide Reading, Comprehension, Writing and Basic Math. tutoring/instructions to student (students) one-on-0ne in-person services. Additionally, I can provide homework and in-class assignment help if necessary to students who are weak in some learning areas

Mariam S.

Toledo, OH
+/- 10 minutes
M, W 5-7pm; Sa 10am-6pm; Su 10am-2pm


In-person services

14 years experience
ELA/ Reading/ Math

I will meet the student where they are at academically with ELA/Reading/Math and I will help them by providing the support they need to get to the next level. My students that I have had have always shown growth and improvement. I will work with students to achieve their goals by making learning fun for them.

Rakeia R.

Toledo, OH
+/- 20 minutes
M-F 3:30-5:30pm; Sa, Su 9am-2pm


In-person services

B.A., Social Work,
University of Toledo
4 years para, 10 years tutoring

A structured and calming session will be provided. The learning opportunity will address developmental and academic needs to prepare your student for their next transition in the classroom or to the next grade. Planning will include parent and/or student(developmentally appropriate) to discuss strengths , weakness, and goals in the subject. Team work and family engagement is an important part of my work.

Trena C.E.

Maumee, OH
+/- 20 miles
M-Th 12:30pm-4:30pm


In-person services

2009-2013---The University of Toledo
2000-2002----Wayne State University
1993-1997-----The University of Michigan
15 years teaching/tutoring

I am an experienced educator with many years as an Intervention Specialist who will provide one-to-one differentiated instruction. The intent is to use best practices that have been proven to work in the classroom that increase academic achievement and state-test scores. The strategies that will be utilized will be extremely beneficial to all students that work alongside me.

Allison A.

Fremont, OH
W, F 4-8pm; Sa, Su 9am-12pm


Pre-established clients only

B.A.: Middle Childhood Education (concentration in Math and Science),
The University of Toledo
5 years tutoring, 2 years teaching
K-12 math, Algebra, Geometry, Science

As a tutor, I am willing to offer one-on-one homework help, classroom assignments assistance, or individualized instruction for any subject area a student is struggling with. I am certified to teach grades 4-9 in math and science, but I currently teach geometry as well. I am willing to tutor any other subjects as well.

RoJene M.

Perrysburg, OH
+/- 20 minutes
M, T, Th 4-9pm


In-person services

5 years college, no degree
5 years experience
I can provide age appropriate interactive instructions in Literacy and Early Numeracy. I'm very good at helping students become confident readers;I'm also able to work with children with Special Needs. I have 2 nieces and a nephew whom I helped raise with special needs. I have taken a class at Bowling Green State University on teaching children with Special Needs.

I was also HomeMother at Old Orchard when my own children were in Elementary School. I also was a parent-helper at Fulton Elementary School.

Melinda M.

Fostoria, OH
M, Th, F 1-2pm


Pre-established clients only

Springfield High, Holland OH
42 years tutoring
K-6th all subjects

I'm passionate about working with students that require an individualized approach to learning.

Brenda W.

Toledo, OH
M-F 9am-5pm


In-person services

M.A., Education, The University of Toledo
25 years experience

I will provide Reading instruction in a fun way with lots of hands on activities along with reading of decodable books, and illustrating of their written sentences. I will determine if the child is a tactile, visual or auditory learner, and offer these things to impact learning. The same will be utilized for all other subjects taught.

Jessica Y.

Toledo, OH
M,-W 3pm-5pm


In-person services

M.A. of Ed, as well as ECIS
13 years teaching/tutoring

PreK-1st, Early Childhood Special Education

I will bring materials for sensory integration to begin sessions. I will supply educational activities while incorporating motor skills and language. I will meet the individual at their current level of functioning and then scaffold their learning to progress at the rate they are capable.

Nick W.

Toledo, OH
+/- 30 minutes
M-F 8am-3pm


In-person services

M.A. of Education Heidelberg University
21 years teaching

I will work with families to create a plan for growth. I will provide practice opportunities during and after sessions. My years of experience teaching math allows me to offer many different ways to explain and practice concepts that students may find difficult.

Stacy T.

Toledo, OH
M-F 9am-6pm


In-person services

B.S. Elementary Education (K-12),
Central State University
M.A. Intervention Specialist Modern/ Intensive (K-12), Bowling Green State University
25 years teaching

I love working with regular and special education students. The grades I enjoy working with are k-4th and 9th-12th (special education) grade. I will make sure that all IEP goals are followed to me the needs of the student. The subjects I like teaching/tutoring
Math and Reading.

Sandra T.

Elmore, OH
+/- 45 minutes
M, W, F 10am-3:30pm;
T/Th 9am-3:30pm; Sa 9-11am; Su 6-8pm


In-person services

M.A., in Ed., Bowling Green State University
26 years experience teaching

I will actively listen to the parent/guardian to understand the goals they have for their child. This information will be combined with initial assessments of the child's skills, abilities, and needs to develop a program that uses the child's strengths to improve the area of need. Lessons are developed from the interests that the students have. Communication about the child's progress will be ongoing. Students I have tutored in the past have made substantial progress in a brief period of time.

Nichol H.

Bryan, OH
+/- 25 miles
M, W 3-5pm


Currently unavailable

B.A.: Special Education (k-12,
The Ohio State University
20 years’ experience, Special Education

In home waiver provider for families on the Individual Option Waiver in Ohio. Certified in first-aid mental health. Parent Mentor, I work with families who are going through the special education process. I am able to provide supports to help students meet their IEP goals. I will work closely with parents each step of the way. I will keep them updated on their student’s progress towards their overall goals. I have experience working with families in their homes. I was a home care provider for many years working with individuals with disabilities.I also have worked with students on improving their study skills, organizational skills, and time management. I have a passion for helping students who have special learning needs. I also have a son who has dyslexia and have worked very hard helping him.

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