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This is the listing of our Learning providers in the Southeast Ohio area. Browse their bios here and determine who might be a good fit for your family.


Before booking, we highly encourage scheduling a free introductory interview by clicking on “Book A Session” in the main menu, then selecting the first service, “Introductory Interview” on the service listings.


If you know someone who would be a qualified candidate to work with students in your area, please direct them to the program manager.

Agnes H.

Athens, OH
+/- 50 miles
M-F 9am-7pm


In-person services

B.A. English, University of Rio Grande
3 years teaching
2 years tutoring
ELA, reading, writing, science (K-8), math (K-6)

Subject tutoring, focusing on areas of particular need or low confidence, plus extra projects in areas of interest.

Susan F.

Lawrence, OH
M 3-5:30pm; T-F 7am-5:30pm


Pre-established Clients Only

M.A.:, Communication disorders,
Marshall University
20 years teaching/tutoring
K-12 Orton Gillingham,
Speech and Language Services

I am a certified speech and language pathologist working in the public school system. I have 20 years experience working as a speech and language pathologist. I have 11 years experience working with children in kindergarten through the 12th grade who have speech and language disorders and learning disabilities, specifically dyslexia. I am trained in the Orton Gillingham instructional reading method. I also have extensive knowledge about autism and I specialize in treating pragmatic language deficits. I can offer a unique skill set combined with a passion and love for what I do that will translate to a positive and enthusiastic learning environment. I am looking forward to empowering students with the confidence they need to maneuver these precarious times.

Angela B.

Chesapeake, OH
+/- 20 miles
M 5:45-7pm; T, W, Th 3-7pm


Pre-established Clients Only

M.A. Special Education, University of Alabama
B.A. Marketing Education, Marshall University

25 years teaching experience with students with various disabilities

I am qualified to teach K-12 with expertise in math and reading (co-teaching 7 years with general education teachers). I can offer IEP goal support; tutoring; homework help. I am also trained in the Orton-Gillingham instructional reading method. I am excited for our students in Ohio that are eligible for this opportunity. I can provide encouragement, guidance, and instruction for our virtual learners. Based upon parent’s concerns, I can address IEP goals, homework help, and/or tutoring.

Loreli F.

Chespeake, OH
+/- 20 minutes
M-F 3-5pm


In-person services

B.A. Expected April 2022, Marshall University
7 years tutoring
Grades 5-10
Math, Algebra I, Geometry

Will provide reinforcement of concepts needed to master a subject.

Cheryl F.

Waverly, OH
M-Th 2:30-7:30pm


Pre-established Clients Only

High School Diploma from Waverly High School
21 years working with adults with disabilities
5 years working with kids on the autism spectrum

Summer worksheets provided by our school, educational games, crafts, books.

Deborah J.

McDermott, OH
+/- 35 minutes
M-F 8am-7pm; 9am-12pm


In-person services

SSW, The Ohio State University.
Certified as a SURROGATE PARENT, ODE. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
10 years class aide, 2 years tutoring

Provide 1:1 educational assistance to students who are in elementary, secondary, middle, and high school grade levels. I am flexible and available to provide academic support, in Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Science, English, Math, History, ESL , literacy and interventions specified on student's IEP.

Meah M.

Athens, OH
+/- 45 minutes
M-F 6-8pm; Sa 12-4pm; Su 12-6pm


In-person services

B.A. English Creative Writing, Ohio University
3 years tutoring
CPR and First Aid certified
All ages/grades
Essay help in any subject, any math (besides calculus), history, and Spanish

With patience and understanding, anyone can overcome their hurdles in school! I love to explain topics in a multitude of ways, so if one method is not working, we can easily switch it up! I love to read and write, and would be thrilled to help students edit their essays as well as improve their writing skills overall! Despite it not being my favorite subject, math always made sense to me and I hope to make that challenging subject a little less daunting for anyone struggling! I aim to make learning an interactive and fun experience even if the subject material isn't your favorite :)

Kathy W.

Gallipolis, OH
+/- 20 minutes
M-F 10am-3pm


In-person services

Master of Science in Education School of Counseling, University of Dayton
34 years teaching
5 years tutoring
I am certified at the Associate Level in Orton-Gillingham through the Orton-Gillingham Academy as well as trained at the Certified Level in Orton-Gillingham. I am also certified as a Structured/Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist through CERI/IDA
Reading, Structured Literacy

As an Orton-Gillingham tutor I can offer informal assessments to determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses in reading with a follow up report detailing the results and recommended next steps. I offer multisensory structured literacy instruction based on individualized needs in a one-on-one setting. These instructions are centered around helping your child learn how to unlock the code of reading through phonics, decoding strategies, sight words, word recognition and fluency. I also focus on spelling and learning how to write including handwriting instruction. And before you know it your child can begin to experience the confidence of reading through learning to read passages and understanding what has been read.

Carma W.

Chesapeake OH
+/- 15 minutes
M-F 3-7pm; Sa 1:45-4pm; Su 2-3pm


Pre-established Clients Only

M.A., Marshall University
25 years experience
Ages 12+

I will provide tutoring in all subjects to help with retention or breaking down of curriculum to help the student grasp the important concepts.

Heather T.

New Concord, OH
+/- 10 miles
T-Th 8am-6pm


In-person services

M. Education, Muskingum University
16 years teaching
1 year tutoring
Reading Endorsement
LETRS training
Grades 1 and 2
Reading, Phonics, and Writing instruction

I will provide explicit and systematic phonics and phonemic awareness instruction which will secure the foundational skills necessary for students to gain reading success. The students will engage in multi-sensory activities that will strengthen their ability to read, spell, and write. Students will gain confidence in their reading, spelling, and writing abilities through fun and engaging activities.

Angela M.

Roseville, OH
+/- 50 minutes
M-W 11am-3pm


Pre-established Clients Only

M.A. Occupational therapy of Science, Belmont University
16 years teaching
Fine and visual motor

Development of fine and visual motor skills to increase academic success with kinesthetic and sensory interventions and strategies.

Stephanie B.

Flatwoods, OH
+/- 40 miles
M-F 8am-6pm


In-person services

M.A. Intervention, Grand Canyon University
16 years teaching
3 years tutoring

Specially designed instruction using a multi-sensory approach will be used to assist students with identified academic deficits.

Kayla A.

Martins Ferry, OH
+/- 25 minutes
M-W, F 3:30-8pm; Th 3:30-8pm


In-person services

Master's in Technology Integrated Systems, West Liberty University
Bachelor's in Elementary Education Prek-3
Bachelor's in special education K-adult
7 years of online teaching (special education). Inclusion/co-teaching along with resource room teacher. I have written IEP's and progress reports for special education. I have provided specially designed instruction for IEP goal support both online and in person. I have also tutored online and in person.
English, math, science, social studies

I can provide 1:1 and small group setting support for both online and in person. I have taught in the resource and inclusion/co-teaching setting with 15 years of experience. I have provided IEP goal support and specially designed instruction. I have experience at all levels -- elementary, middle school, high school and the online setting for all academic subjects. I have tutored both in person and online.

Jessi B.

Byesville, OH
+/- 20 miles
M, W 3:15-6:15pm


In-person services

Master's in Intervention Specialist, Muskingum University
4 years teaching
1 year tutoring
Continuing Education to complete my Administration Licenses, Muskingum University
B.A. Early Childhood Education, Muskingum University

I am willing to provide services 1:1 to any student in Ohio that needs the in-person services. Being a Special Education Teacher, I can provide help with IEP goals and will provide help with tutoring/homework. Since 2004, I have been in the educational field as a Paraprofessional, then as a Special Education Teacher. I have a passion to see students become successful. I am excited to take on this journey to m

Lisa R.

Proctorville, OH
+/- 10 miles
M-F 10am-6pm


In-person services

B.A., Elementary Education K-8 (multi-subjects)
M.A., in Special Education K-12
28 years experience
Orton Gillingham Wilson Reading Program Sonday System Reading Program Read Naturally/ Read Live Program

I will provide solid core instruction based on the student's needs. I will provide multi-sensory instruction if needed to allow for learning to take place, as well as the ability to store information and retrieve it for use at a later time.

Matteson L.

Zanesville, OH
+/- 30 minutes
M, W, Th, F 4-6pm; Su 12-3pm


In-person services

M.A. Education, Muskingum University
6 years teaching
1 year tutoring
English and Math

I will use my experience as an Intervention Specialist to meet students where they are and help them to continue to grow. To assist me, I will utilize my plethora of hands-on materials for math and English that help reinforce skills students need to work on.

Ben H.

Portsmouth, OH
+/- 20 minutes
M, W, F 3-5pm


Pre-established Clients Only

Bachelor's Degree in Integrated Mathematics 7-12 from Shawnee State University
Tutored for 5+ years and taught with license for 1 year
Grades 9-12

I am a high school teacher who is licensed to teach mathematics to students in grades 7-12. As an educator, I make a point to get to know every student so I can teach them in a way necessary for them to learn. Each student is different and I take this into account when I prepare to tutor different learners.

Teresa B.

McDermott, OH
+/- 60 minutes
M-Th 4-7pm


In-person services

B.S.; Ohio University
M.A., Intervention in Education; Shawnee State University
Certification in ABA; University of Cincinnati
9 years experience

I am willing to provide services for all academic IEP goals. I am also willing to provide services for social/emotional and life skills. I will work with parents and teachers to help students become successful academically and socially.

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