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With your subscription to this service, you will gain access to qualified staff that can help remove the burden of at-home learning from your plate, so you can concentrate on your own job without the worry of also having to help your children navigate online learning. You can browse bios, set interview appointments, and book lessons right from the platform!


Our flat rate includes access to the entire site, connecting with experts, and finding your family's best fit for 1-month or 3-months in duration. We don't know how the current learning environment will evolve, but we do know it may be ever-changing this year, so what is right for you this quarter, may not be next.

So we are here to help!

We will continue adding experts and services as we grow, so keep checking back to find your right fit!

  • State Funded Plan

    Pre-Funded Quarterly services
    • Gain access to our education experts bios
    • Connect to book individual or group lessons
    • Browse/Hire experts as your family's needs change
    • Rewarded financial assistance from State grant
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