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Family User Guide

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How to Book a Session

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How to Access Your Account

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Frequently Asked Questions



Families who will be approved for this program must:

  • Be an Ohio resident

  • Have a student with an IEP or 504 Plan

  • Experiencing a financial hardship

    Providers cannot apply on behalf of students. Families must apply on their own accord. If you need assistance applying, please reach out to



If you cannot find a learning provider in your area that's a good fit, we encourage you to find someone through your personal networks. However, to pay them using your granted funding, they must be added to the LearningOhio website by filling out the Provider Application. You also have the option to do virtual sessions with providers outside of your area, so you are not limited by proximity. If you still are unable to find a learning provider, contact


WHAT If I have a provider in mind ALREADY?

Great! This way of using the program has been highly successful.  Please have them fill out a Provider Application. They will need a current Background Check (BCI) or active ODE License.



Funds not spent by the end of each session expire and cannot be utilized after the expiration date.

Please note that not accessing your funds may impact eligibility for a grant in the future. If Learning Aid Ohio does not see a reasonable effort made to utilize your grant, Learning Aid Ohio has the right to adjust your grant amount.  If you are having trouble getting started, reach out to for help.



Learning Aid Ohio has been extended into 2024! Families with current grants will be notified by email when to re-enroll and our site updated with new session information.

Students awarded $10,000 or more in Learning Aid Ohio grant funds will be placed on a waitlist in the event that demand exceeds available funding.

What does this mean for our students currently served by Learning Aid Ohio that have received $10,000 in funding? You can and are encouraged to still apply! Only if we receive more applications than available funding, will students over the $10,000 threshold be placed on the waitlist. As spots become available, the waitlist will be served on a first come, first served basis. This $10,000 threshold is calculated per student, not per family and is based on awarded amount (not amount spent). For example, Johnny has been awarded $9,000 to date but the next grant award is for $1,500. Johnny will not be placed on the waiting list because he has not hit the $10,000 threshold.


how do educators get paid?

Learning providers will be paid directly by the site administrator, only when families book using their AppointmentsPlus account.  If it is not on the calendar, the family is responsible to pay for services out of pocket.


Can I or someone on my family be a provider for my student?

We do not allow immediate family members or any family member living in the same household to be paid providers through this program.  We consider these “natural supports”.   Immediate family members include the student’s siblings, parents or grandparents by blood, marriage or adoption.


CAN I apply for multiple students? 

If you have more than one student with an IEP or 504 Plan, please apply for each student on a separate application.  You can be awarded one grant per student for the upcoming grant period. 


Why am I not receiving emails from Learning Aid Ohio?

Communications from Learning Aid Ohio are sent through an email marketing service. Please check your junk/spam folder and add to your contact list to ensure you receive our communications.

Have questions?

Please look through the site and familiarize yourself with the content. We are confident you will find answers to your questions on the “Getting Started” and “Become a Provider” pages. If you still cannot find answers to your questions, please contact our team at to let us know how we can help!

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